Sailcloth Pole Tents
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Sailcloth Pole Tents


Sailcloth Pole Tents are one of the most unique tents in the industry and we are thrilled to offer them in four sizes! This sectional tent starts at 44’x 43’ and spans up in size by increments of 20’, all the way to a 44’x103’ (Prices range from $1,800 to $5,840.00)



Rounded ends, a translucent top, and woodgrain poles make this tent the best choice for elegant events. The translucent fabric enhances daytime events with natural, warm light and dramatically glows when lit for evening gatherings. Sailcloth tents are the ultimate outdoor venue.

  • 44’ x 43’ ($1,700)
  • 44′ x 63′ ($2,800)
  • 44′ x 83′ ($3,900)
  • 44′ x 103′ ($4,900)


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